A Welcome from our Recruitment Officer, Raelle

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A Welcome from our Recruitment Officer, Raelle Empty A Welcome from our Recruitment Officer, Raelle

Post  Ehmet on Mon Sep 26, 2011 9:39 am

Greetings! We are, in Rift, the guild on Estrael called Aegis. Aegis, for those who aren't sure, essentially translates into "Protection, Support." While an online game doesn't tend to lead one to believe their life is in need of protection, support is always a good thing.

The core group of Aegis are a collection of gamers who've played together for 10-plus years, from games such as DAoC to the EQs to WoW, now to Rift, and eagerly anticipating Star Wars: The Old Republic. This core group have learned, traveled, fought, healed, and grown together over these years, and function as the cohesive center around which the rest of us gather. Added to this core group are some relative newcomers, and our ranks are still growing. We're a mesh of young, not-so-young, male, female, professional student, professional parent, professional employee ... and definitely NOT "pro" gamers. We have single folk, we have couples where only one member plays, and we have couples who enjoy playing together. Broad mix of folk here, surely there's room for you!

We have fun together. We care, a great deal, about our performance in group settings. We strive to be as good as we can be, as individuals, then to be better when we group for dungeons or raids. We laugh together, we curse together, we scratch our heads in bewilderment together.

If you're seeking a "home" online, somewhere to come in, relax, chat, hang out -- oh, and you wanna grab a quick run? -- then Aegis may have what you seek. Do we raid? Sure. Casually. Do we dungeon? Oh boy, do we ... but only those of us who wish to. Do we have TONS of useful and useless advice to share? You betcha. I am Raelle, and I'm going to be your point-of-entry. If you decide this is the place you'd like to park your slippers for a bit, then we'd love to see how well you mesh with the rest of us! On the home page you will find a link that says "Applications." Tell us who you are, and you'll hear from me. In-game on Estrael? I am Raelle, Raenn, Koori, Marit, Lathaias, or Ldyria. I'm usually around -- give me a holler!

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