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Post  Ehmet on Mon Sep 12, 2011 5:16 pm

About the Officers:

Officers are here for two reasons: To help organize and run events and to take care of administrative issues.

Officers server voluntarily. They may step down whenever they wish.

Officers can: invite members, remove items from the guild bank, run raids (and master loot), organize events, resolve issues between members, and field complaints, suggestions, feedback from members to help effect guild changes.

Officers also vote on decisions affecting the guild, hence through communication with the officers and by letting them know your feelings on the issues you can help influence guild decisions.

Officers are an important part of any guild by helping to give guidance, and leadership. Don't be afraid to approach them with issues, as that's part of what they are here for. If you are interested in being an officer let one know and if there is a need or an opening it will be discussed.

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