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Post  Ehmet on Mon Sep 12, 2011 12:05 am

** Do your Homework! Read about the raid, watch the videos of the fights, so that you have an idea going into the fight. We all understand there is a difference in actually Doing it, vs just watching or reading about it.**

1. Listen to the officers/Raid Leader/Assistant and do what they say when they say to do it. This is for your own safety as much as that of the members of the raid. Wiping happens but let's minimize the number of times and let's attribute it to a learning curve and not a moron. (Blaming it on Acipron still applies)

2. Members who do not follow rule #1 will get a warning and after the second warning will be kicked from the raid at the Raid Leader's discretion.

3. Obey the loot rules.

4. The general Tank & Healer rule is: "If you pull agro from the tank once, you'll get healed. If you steal agro again, well, death has its own way of solving the problem." Remember to mind your agro and don't jump the gun before the tank can build up agro (especially on groups). It's not only your own repair bill but could wipe the raid party too.

5. "I can't heal stupid."

6. Unless specifically asked to by an officer or raid leader, stay behind the tank at all times.

9. Have fun, be respectful, and be thankful. It takes a LOT to put together even a 10 man raid.

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