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Post  Ehmet on Mon Sep 12, 2011 1:20 pm

<< Raid Looting Rules >>

These rules are meant for the sole purpose of fair play. These rules are in place to help ensure that all members of our family have a fair and equal opportunity to participate in and win loot from instances.

** All raids should be conducted in the King Loot Mode & an Officer will be in charge of the looting**
** To be ELIGIBLE to get loot you must be an active member of the guild. Only logging in for raids will not garner you looting rights **

1. Anything that drops that is not a usable upgrade will go to the designated disenchanter(s) for the raid. The DE's that they get will go to the guild bank to be used for guild enchants.

2. If a mount drops (i.e. Nightmare's reins) any member who'd like to may roll on them. *winning this item (or other mount) does not count as your epic item and does not preclude you from rolling on another item such as armor or a weapon.

3. Once a member of the raid has won a piece of armor or a weapon they can not roll on any more items. *the exception to this rule is if another member of the raid already has that piece or does not want it and nobody else in the raid can use it, you may then roll on it even if you have already won an epic piece that night.

4. Classes who wear cloth get priority on cloth armor. Classes who wear leather get priority on leather armor, etc. etc.

5. Armor geared towards a specific talent build will have preferential roll to those members speced in said way, i.e. a Protection Paladin would not get first dibs on a dps piece of plate -- a Ret Pally, Fury/Arms War would. *Exception IF the Ret Pally or Fury/Arms War passes and the Protection Paladin would like the piece for his set he may roll on it if there are no other objections and this piece would not count against his roll.

6. Number 5 also applies to weapon drops. A Feral Druid should pass on a healing weapon, A Protection Warrior would pass on a two handed weapon.

*** NOTE *** If someone is acting outside of their spec (Shadow Priest primarily healing for example) for the majority of the raid (and not just certain bosses), they can choose to roll based on either their spec or their raid role, but not both and furthermore rule #3 still applies.

7. If none of the above rules apply to an item, i.e. nobody wants the 2H sword that dropped, then anybody who can use the weapon may roll on it for their dps set.

8. Any other items that are above a green and not bop that drop from a non-boss will go to the enchanter to either be DE'ed or placed in the guild bank. If said item is an upgrade for you and you will use it, you may ask the enchanter for it. In the case that multiple people want said item, then they will roll for it.

9. This is not a rule but a suggestion. Anybody may roll on an epic item based on the rules outlined above. However, please bear in mind that while the epic item may be an upgrade for you it maybe a major upgrade for somebody who would replace a blue or green item with it. In said case it would be a better and a more generous thing for you to pass on said epic so that somebody else may gain an epic. In this way we outfit our guild faster and better and are able to do more and go farther into the dungeon.

10. Dungeon Tier armor tokens: Once you win your class token you may not roll on it if/when it drops again. While some classes have only one piece of armor they may redeem other classes such as Shamans have three possible types they may get for the token. You may not take the token to fill out a dps/healing set of armor of which is not your current spec. The exception is if there is nobody else in the raid who may use the token. If there is nobody else it will then become an open roll for those who can use it. If not it will go to the raid Dis-enchanter to turn in for armor which they can then D/E.

**Note** the exceptions noted above are to make sure that everybody gets a piece of armor or item they need. If that piece can not be used by anybody it may then be rolled on any who can use it for a dps/healing/casting set that they are building up rather than being disenchanted. Loot won in this manner does not count against the loot rules and is considered a bonus.

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