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Post  Ehmet on Mon Sep 12, 2011 12:02 am


Welcome to our guild forum. It is here to use as a communication tool. Feel free to post events here, as it has a calendar we can use, we can post handy internet resources, information on specific builds, and a reference for rules. Also, please do not forget to use or join the Facebook group we made for handy day to day communications.

About us? Many in our ranks are veteran MMO players, some of us harking back to the days of Ever Quest I, waiting for the boat in Freeport or Qeynos, Hoping we didn't die in Kedge Keep because we forgot our enduring breath... but I digress. We have shared many many adventures together in many diverse worlds. Along the way we have found more kindred souls and expanded our family. We are always looking for more members who share a desire to explore, have fun, and kick ass.

Many of us have families and commitments outside the game. For some of us our Significant Other (or in my case, Better Half) play too. We are not a hard core raiding guild but we do try and see the end game. Our goal is to have fun and enjoy the experience -- with friends.

Welcome to our world!

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